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The Intelligent Plant Light

Now you can successfully grow a wide variety of Carnivorous plants indoors while taking the guess work out of how much light to give them and when to water. Purchase the Intelligent Plant Light alone or upgrade to a complete kit with 3 Venus Flytraps is a 3" pots with humidity domes. All Intelligent Plant Light orders will ship separately from our plants.

Intelligent Plant Light

  The Easy Way To Grow Plants Successfully   
• Turns on and off automatically, simulating nature's clock * Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring.
• Set the season once and the internal computer begins the daylight cycle.
• A 9 watt full spectrum fluorescent lamp simulates the sun's rays for optimum growth.
• Adjustable stem accommodates plants from 4" to 12" or increases and decreases light intensity.
• Moisture sensor indicates when plant needs water.
• Pebbled base catches water for extra humidity, and keeps the pot from sitting in water.
• Holds pots up to 5 1/2" in diameter.
• Complete instruction booklet with details of operation. Read more
Availability: OUT OF STOCK
Price: $69.99

  Take advantage of this special upgrade offer   

Purchase the Intelligent Plant Light plus our 3 Venus flytrap set which includes 1 "Red Dragon"*,1 "Green Dragon" and 1 typical Venus flytrap each in their own 3" pot with a humidity dome for only $89.95. The picture shown at left is what you will receive.
*Red Dragon subject to availability. Read more
Availability: OUT OF STOCK
Price: $89.95

  Try Our Potted Sundew Upgrade Offer   
This option includes the Intelligent Plant Light plus The following Sundews* planted in a 4" pot with soil:
1 Drosera Binata, 1 Drosera Rotundifolia, 1 Drosera Spathulata, 1 Drosera Adelae *We reserve the right to substitute for out of stock varieties. Read more
Availability: OUT OF STOCK
Price: $89.95

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