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Carvivorous Plant Book Store and have teamed up to provide our customers with the best books about Carnivorous Plants available today. All the book titles on this page have been carefully selected for quality and customer value. Whether you're new to Carnivorous Plants or an experienced grower these books are exceptional.


Pitcher Plants of The Americas

Pitcher plants include the largest and most beautiful of the world's carnivorous plants, plants that are viewed with fascination by people of all ages, nationalities, and walks of life. Pitcher Plants of the Americas is an informative, visually rich overview of the biology, ecology, biogeography, horticulture, and conservation needs of the five genera of pitcher plants that occur in North, Middle, and South America -- a group that includes three genera of true pitcher plants (Darlingtonia, Heliamphora, and Sarracenia) and two genera of carnivorous tank bromeliads (Brocchinia and Catopsis). Pitcher Plants . . . is written in clear yet substantive language and contains spectacular photography that provides a comprehensive visual record of the group. This book will appeal to both general readers and specialists who are interested in the natural history, conservation, and horticulture of the American pitcher plants.


Savage Garden

Peter D'Amato has been raising carnivorous plants for three decades, and his nursery, California Carnivores, houses the world's largest collection of flesh-eating flora. There's not much D'Amato doesn't know about growing these oddballs of the plant world, and he imparts his expertise gracefully and with humor in The Savage Garden, which is aimed at curious gardeners who want to grow carnivorous plants both indoors and out. From the ever-fascinating Venus flytrap to the aquatic bladderwort and the rather extravagantly sexual-looking pitcher plant, these exotic plants have a reputation for being difficult to grow, but D'Amato proves otherwise. The necessary water and soil chemistry, proper lighting, and propagation tips are discussed thoroughly along with descriptions and growing tips for many species in each of 11 plant families.


Growing Carnivorous Plants [ILLUSTRATED] (Hardcover)

Growing Carnivorous Plants is a comprehensive guide to identification and cultivation that will help readers select the best of these remarkable plants to grow on a windowsill, in a terrarium, or in a greenhouse, and provides information on feeding and maintenance.


Carnivorous Plants (Paperback)

The mobile tentacles of the Sundews, the snapping lobes of the Venus Fly Trap, and the slippery, baited pitfalls of the Pitcher Plants seem the stuff of science fiction, yet these amazing plants do exist. Adrian Slack focuses on some fifty species, using photographs, line drawings, and diagrams to illustrate their peculiarities. He explores in detail the wily manner in which each type of plant entices, catches, and digests its prey.


Gardening With Carnivores: Sarracenia Pitcher Plants in Cultivation & in the Wild (Paperback)

A family of carnivorous North American pitcher plants that grows wild in the Southeastern United States, the colorful and striking Sarracenia thrives in nutrient-poor areas, especially near bogs and swamps, and is also surprisingly cold-hardy. Thus, Sarracenia offers gardeners an unusual alternative. In this unique work, Romanowski, an Australian biologist and commercial grower of aquatic plants, first introduces the history, habitat, and function of Sarracenia, covering such topics as how the plants attract and capture insects, pollination and germination, and efforts at conservation in the wild. He then presents the ten major taxa, with thorough descriptions of each. Part 2 covers the plants' cultivation, including nutritional needs, pests and problems (which are relatively few), propagation techniques, and constructing a bog garden. These plants are easy to hybridize, a process covered here in detail. Part 3 discusses the value of the plants as cut flowers and provides valuable advice for establishing a business. Illustrated with 79 beautiful color photographs, the book also includes a list of worldwide carnivorous plant societies.


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