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Drosera Sampler Set - 6 Sundews

1 D. Binata, 1 D. Capensis, 1 D. Spathulata, 1 D. Adelae, 1 D. Aliciae, 1 D. Scorpiodes

NOTE A: We may include some Sundews that are not in the above list. We reserve the right to make any Sundew substitution we deem necessary.

NOTE B: The potted option on this item requires assembly. The sundews plants will need to planted into the pot with the carnivorous plant potting mix. This is not difficult and requires simply adding the potting mix into the pot, after which the 6 sundews can be planted into the mix. Basically all you need to do is cover the roots of the plants with the potting mix, press down gently to secure into the pot, and finally water all the newly planted sundews with either distilled or spring water.

Q. Why is this item NOT pre-potted prior to shipping? The reason the 6 sundew sampler kits are not potted ahead of time is that there is no way to secure all of the plants during shipping. If we shipped the 6 sundew sampler kits pre-potted, they would arrive un-potted with soil spilled out. Shipping the 6 sundew sampler kits with some assembly required is the only safe way of shipping these more delicate plants.

Availabilty: IN STOCK
Bare-Root: $23.99
Potted: $26.99



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