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The BuyPlantLights.com web site is the best resource for all of your indoor gardening needs. Choose from plant stands of all shapes and sizes, from small tabletop units to large multi-tiered stands complete with fluorescent lamps, bulbs and timers.

Choose from a wide variety of African Violets, from the everblooming EverFloris variety to the tiny miniature violets. These African Violets make great gift ideas with many plants shipping in attractive ceramic self-watering pots. Not to be overlooked is the world class Optimara® African Violet fertilizer.

Purchase an exotic pet from Reptiles-N-Critters.com. We offer an wide range of lizards, snakes, amphibians, frogs, turtles and more!

Bettergrow Hydro
Hydroponics, indoor gardening and hydroponics supplies. 1,700 unique hydroponics supplies for professional hydroponics gardener or indoor gardening hobbyist.

The Gardens Gift
An informational website dedicated to the zen of gardening. Featuring many tips and advice for the gardner.
Houseplants Flowers Care

Presents tips for buying and caring for tropical houseplants and flowers. Includes tips on selecting soil, light, fertilizer, watering, temperature and humidity. Identifies houseplants diseases and insects and suggests treatment.

An excellent resource on Carnivorous Plants, their cultivation and conservation. Their frequently asked questions page is very thorough and comprehensive. Not to be missed are the well documented field trips of the author of the website.

Neil Whytes Page
Neil Whyte is a U.K. grower of Carnivorous plants. Among his diverse interests are home brewing and growing some amazing plants. See how growers in the U.K. can keep up their plants grow strong and healthy.

Aquarium HQ
Everything Aquarium, from 125 Gallon Aquarium to Wholesale Aquarium.

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International Carnivorous Plant Society

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