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"Little Shop of Horrors" School Play Gift Idea

Little Shop of Horrors

"Little Shop of Horrors" has been the perennial stage favorite of countless school drama departments year after year. BugBitingPlants.com has the perfect product for your school production. Our Bulk Venus flytraps come pre-potted with plastic humidity domes ideal for any pre or post production sale or cast giveaways. Our most popular product is the Bulk Pack of 25 potted Venus flytraps in 3" pots with humidity domes for only $109.99. Each case is carefully selected to ensure that your school receives the highest quality Venus flytraps we offer. Each year, BugBitingPlants.com has the privilege of supplying numerous schools with Venus flytraps. Our staff consistently receives praise and thanks for helping to add a touch of class to their production. Expressions of gratitude is well summed up in a post card received Western Reserve Academy:

Thank you card

If you wish to purchase our Bulk Venus flytraps for your production of "Little Shop of Horrors" please keep the following in mind: You should make your purchase of the Venus flytraps at least two weeks prior to when you actually need them. If you are paying with a school purchase order please fax your order to 347-521-2140 or mail your purchase order to:

RC Enterprises
ATTN: Robert Crespo
601 E 18th Street Apt 504
Brooklyn, NY 11226

If you have any further questions you may call us at 347-587-3277 and leave a detailed message regarding the details of how many plants you need and the time-frame that you need them in. Or you may use the web form below to sent us email message.

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