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Carnivorous Plant Seed Starter Stands

Seed Starter stands are designed for starting your Carnivorous plant collection from seeds. Seed Starter SS2 comes complete with lamps and wide spectrum flourescent bulbs, 3-wire grounded cord, adjustable lights from 3" - 15" above plants, and a wire frame that folds for easy storage. Also included is one 22" x 11" green permanest tray with a clear humidty dome to ensure proper moisture level for your seedlings. And not to missed are the thee packages of seeds, One pack of 35 Venus flytrap seeds, one pack of 50 Sundew seeds and one pack of 50 North American Pitcher Plant seeds. These units are the most cost effective way to get your carnivorous plant seeds growing fast!

Seeing in believing, your seed starter comes with all of these items! Seed Starter comes with all these items!

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  Seed Starter kit with tray and seeds   
• Dimentions: 23"H x 26"W x 12"D
• One 24" fixture with 2 lamps
• Includes 2 20-watt wide spectrum flourescent bulbs
• Wire frame lets you adjust fixture height
• 22" x 11" green perma-nest tray with humidity dome
• 1 package of 35 Venus flytrap seeds
• 1 package of 50 Sundew Seeds
• 1 package of 50 Pitcher plant seeds

Note: Seeds will be mailed separate from the lamp and tray. This package does NOT INCLUDE planting material due to the excessive weight of shipping soil. A great do-it-yourself seed starting mix is combining 80% shredded sphagnum peat moss with 20% of perlite. The perlite is used for proper aeration of the seed starting mix. Read more
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