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Total: $8.50

Shipping, Return/Refund and Damaged Plant Policies

We ship the best and most economical way using Priority U.S. Mail.
Our standard shipping charges are as follows:

Shipping Charges

$15.99 and Under

Add $8.50

$16.00 to $29.99

Add $8.50

$30.00 to $49.99

Add $10.00

$50.00 to $74.99

Add $12.50

$75.00 to $99.99

Add $15.50

$100.00 or More

Add 18%

1. New York State residents will be charged an additional 8.625% sales tax.
2. The following items have flat shipping rates due to the weight of the package:
• Variety 3 Potted flytraps with dome covers (3DMS-VFT): $12.00
• 3 Flytraps in a 4" pot (TRI-TRAPS): $11.50
• Nepenthes 3 pot sampler set (NEPEN-3PACK-POTTED): $14.00
• 4 Potted Plant Sampler (4DMS) : $14.00

Unless otherwise indicated all plants will be shipped dormant and bare rooted from late November through early March with the exception of tropical Nepenthes which never go into dormancy. Active growth plants will be shipped as long at they look good from Mid April until mid October. Venus Flytraps will be shipped green and bare rooted as long as they look presentable.

United States Shipping (Including Puerto Rico and Guam)
We normally ship orders within 5 - 7 business days. However, situations may arise to delay your shipment to 7 - 14 business days. However, your order can take up to 20 business days to ship depending on the season, our current stock of supplies or other circumstances beyond our control.

International Orders. We currently only ships seeds to our international customers.

We use US Priority Mail, and the shipping supplies that they provide. Wet long fiber sphagnum moss is used to keep the plants hydrated, as they are packed into plastic bags. Packing materials are typically blank newsprint for wrapping plants and void fill.

Refund Policy:
All requests for refunds must be made within 24 hours of purchase. Absolutely no refunds on plants that have left the greenhouse. If you refuse your delivery the plants will most likely come back to us dead. A refused delivery will not result in a refund under any circumstances.

Damaged/Dead plants: Any item that arrives dead will be replaced with a plant of equal or similar value. Please note that plants that look dead may be in dormancy. For example, a Venus flytrap may arrive without any leaves, but it still has a healthy and firm bulb. In this instance your Venus flytrap can be planted and normal growth will resume within a few short weeks. However, if your Venus flytrap or other carnivorous plant bulb arrives very soft and is turning black or brown, then it is either dead or will be soon.


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