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Venus Flytrap and Carnivorous Plant
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Carnivorous Plant, Cobra Lily


Desktop Plant Light

Purchase Venus flytraps in bulk for significant savings. Our bulk flytraps come ready for resale and are great for school fundraisers, garden centers, pet shops, and florists. Click here to see our bulk Venus flytrap purchasing options.


Now you can successfully grow a wide variety of Carnivorous plants indoors while taking the guess work out of how much light they need. Click here to learn more and purchase.






North American Pitcher Plants

Carnivorous Plants, Butterworts — Pinguicula


Carnivorous Plants, Sarracina — North American Pitcher Plants

Any passerby might overlook these little wonders but watch out bugs; this one will have you "sticking around" for a while! The way the Butterwort catches its prey can be likened to a glue trap. Click here to learn more and order one for yourself.


The North American Pitcher Plants make any insects daily routine a one way ticket to digestion at the bottom of a watery grave. These beautiful plants come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Click here to view our selection and learn more.





Venus Flytraps

Dionaea Muscipula

Carnivorous Plant, Sundew



Bugs are in for a sticky mess if they happen upon the glistening droplets of the Sundew. The "living flypaper" will be a hazard to any flying insect. Click here and order one for yourself.


The Venus Flytrap is the most exciting looking and popular of the Carnivorous plants. From the way it catches it's prey to it's jaws like traps, you will just have to have one for yourself.Click here to order one for yourself today!



Tropical Pitcher Plants


Plant Collections

Jump start your hobby

Carnivorous Plant, Nepenthes — Tropical Pitcher Plants


Carnivorous Plant, Nepenthes — Tropical Pitcher Plants

The Tropical Pitcher Plant thrives on insects, small reptiles, birds and an occasional monkey year round in it's native jungle habitats. These plants are well suited to year round growing in your own home or greenhouse. Click here to learn more and purchase.


We have a Carnivorous Plant collection combination just for you. Whether your just starting out or are an experienced grower, our collections offer an opportunity to grow the widest variety of Carnivorous Plants around!. Click here to learn more and purchase.



The Australian Pitcher Plant


The Cobra Lily

Darlingtonia Californica

Carnivorous Plant, Nepenthes — Tropical Pitcher Plants


Carnivorous Plant, Cobra Lily

Cephalotus follicularis is found only in one place in the world: the southwestern coastal regions of Australia. This is a very easy carnivorous plant to grow contrary to what you might have been told. Click here to learn more and purchase.


The Fascinating Cobra Lily, with its unmistakable serpentine "tongue" will make a handsome addition to your collection. We have a wide selection of live plants and rhizomes this season. Click here to get yours today.


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Total: $8.50

Venus Flytrap -

Entire plant turns deep maroon in strong light. These are the all red 'Akai Ryu' clone. Shipped bare-root to fit in a 3" pot.

Get one for $8.99

3 Venus Flytrap Variety Pack planted in a 4

1 Red Dragon, 1 Dente and one typical form Venus Flytrap. These will be sent in a 4" pot with growing material. All you need is provided to grow healthy flytraps.
Note: Shipping and handling is $11.00 because of extra weight on this package.

Get one for $19.99

Nepenthes Potted 3 Pack

The 3 pack of Nepenthes includes 1 Judith Finn, 1 Mixed Seed Grown Nepenthes, and 1 Orange Sanguinea each in a 3" pot. A great gift idea or a way to jump start your Nepenthes collection.
(We reserve the right to make substitutions based on availability at the time of purchase)
Note: Shipping and handling is $14.00 for this item due to increased weight.

Get one for $39.99

S. Purpurea Venosa

Bare-root plant sized for a 3 inch pot.

Get one for $11.99