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Jaws Venus flytrap in a 3 inch pot

What happens when you cross a Dente and a Vigorous Venus flytrap? Jaws is the result! The teeth on this flytrap remind you of shark teeth. But don't worry, this flytrap is only dangerous to these pesky insects. The Jaws Venus flytraps comes pre-potted in a 3 inch pot with potting mix.

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Venus Flytrap Care Information :
The most important things to avoid:
1. Excessive heat. Keep indoor and especially domed or terrarium grown plants out of direct hot sun.

2. Low humidity. Keep well above 50%. If you live in a dry climate, you will not be able to grow these without a terrarium or humid enclosure.

3. Keeping your Venus Flytraps too wet for the amount of light it is getting. Plants that are kept too wet may rot. During the summer when kept outdoors, they can be kept very wet. Indoors they will require less water, but never let them dry out.

4. Excessive handling. As much as they may seem like pets, the more you handle them the more stressed they will be.




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