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PL2 Desktop Plant Light with Sundew Upgrade

Do you want to guarantee fantastic growth rates of your Sundews? Then look no further than the PL2 Desktop Plant Light with a flexible arm. This amazingly powerful light can double or triple the normal growth of any Sundew you use it with. This items includes 4 different Sundew plant of our choosing as well as the PL2 Desktop Plant Light.
NOTE: The Sundew plants must be planted up on delivery. The Sundew kit inclused a 4 inch pot and planting material.

Desktop Light Features:
• Natural daylight spectrum
• Optimum light for healthy plants
• Bright true colors and high contrast
• Easy on the eyes
• 6000-hour bulb lifespan

Height adjusts between 15" and 25.5"
6-foot power cord
Base Size: 9.6"L x 7"W
Head Size: 9.5"L x 5.75"W x 1.75"H

Availabilty: IN STOCK




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